Dot was founded in 2011 by the CSUSB Photo Club; dot is dedicated to showcasing the very best photography and related material from the students and recent alumni of California State University, San Bernardino.

Note form the Publisher/Editor in Chief
Being a photography professor gives me a privileged view into the creative process of young people. I get to see what they care about, what they think about, and get a ringside seat into where photography is headed. It’s great to see the history of the medium come alive through young artists who are recreating, reassigning and reinterpreting what images mean. It’s also great to see young people ignore history; to go out on their own and completely disregard convention, propriety and rules. It’s encouraging to see young artist’s fail miserably because they’ve taken risks to find their vision, and then been willing to share their work with their peers. Success is wonderful, but art making is mostly about a process of many failures and a few successes. Through failure we find the authenticity of a unique vision that just hasn’t found its form. What you’ll see in these pages are those visions once their form has been found.

I’ve been fortunate to work with many fine young artists, scholars, photographers and graphic designers, and this magazine is a group effort. But I also want to single out the excellent design work by Theodore DeHart, whose personal vision is the driving force behind the publication. We have learned a lot from working together and we’re all grateful for this creative partnership.

Photography is at an interesting point in its evolution and young people are the pioneers, shaping what it will become. Analog is slipping into the past but technology is promising more than it can deliver, and so watching my students navigate the terrain is instructive. What I see is a resourcefulness that transcends anything that I can teach them. They are truly hybrid learners and hybrid practitioners, and their works reflect a critical mind-set that is both open to new possibilities and wary of the hype. I find their honesty refreshing and their yearning for substance in a world of superficial distractions commendable. What I like most is that they allow me to share in their creative process and I hope you will participate in their process too. Please go to the contact page and visit their websites and contact them directly to see how you and they can become creative partners.

Thomas McGovern
Publisher/Editor in Chief