All images copyright Sara Tully, 2013

“Loose Ends”, photographs by Sara Tully

All images copyright Sara Tully, 2013
All images copyright Sara Tully, 2013

Most people grow up with fond memories of their childhood and have great memories with their siblings. Typically, the photos taken of children with their siblings are looked upon with nostalgia, and represent the cherished bond between siblings. I, however, have a different view of my childhood photos, especially since I can hardly remember the events that take place in them. My project, which I have titled Loose Ends, is a visual representation of the nonexistent relationship with my older brother. I have taken the original snapshots from my childhood where I am next to my brother, and removed his image by physically cutting him out of the photo. Then, I proceeded to stitch over his image, much like a surgeon would repair a wound. The strings colors visually tie into the color of another element within the photo. One of the strings is placed in my hand, which links the missing image of my brother to me. The other strings in the photographs are left in disarray, to represent the relationship between me and my brother still having “loose ends”.

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