Resource Magazine: profile by Joshua Sharp

Resource Magazine, the self-proclaimed “Photo.Video.Lifestyle” magazine examines photography from every angle, with a keen eye trained on fostering successful image-makers. Encompassing commercial, fine art and journalistic photography (to name a few), in depth looks at the technologies we use to create images, and guidance on how to navigate the business side of things, Resource has the photography world covered.

The first issue was published in the fall of 2007 and with that, Resource hit the ground running. Published quarterly, Resource’s issues feature articles on a wide range of topics, everything from scouting locations, new technology, and fashion to interviews and features with image-makers, image-buyers and image-everyone else, with enough images packed in to hook even the shortest of attention spans. Building on this solid groundwork laid by the printed issues, the magazine’s website,, offers additional articles between issues, online subscriptions including a few issues which are downloadable for free, a blog, and videos from their sister site Resource Television (RETV for short.)

Part of what makes Resource so engrossing, not to mention informative for still on the rise photographers, is the glimpses it offers into the other aspects and roles involved in professional image-making. Rarely in other photo publications do we see interviews with Photographer’s Assistants, Stylists, Hairstylists, Make-up Artists, and other essential people working in the background of major photo projects. These as well as the informative articles on etiquette and professionalism all indicate an aim by Resource to maintain a high level of decorum in photography while celebrating the fun, exciting and sometimes awkward aspects of image making.

With a unique perspective among its peers and a drive to create an informed community that includes more than just the artist behind the camera, Resource Magazine is an outstanding example of what photo industry coverage can be if done right. Read your first issue and you will either be blown away by the stuff you never knew went on in the process of making the images you steal for use on your desktop, or reminded of why you became one of the people making those images. In either case, you will likely find yourself hooked and anxious to read the rest of their back catalog.

Get started by picking up a copy of Resource Magazine at a newsstand near you, or go check out a free preview of the current (and past) issues of Resource Magazine here (you can also order subscriptions or individual issues.)

Joshua Sharp