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Robert Whitehead Profile by Ashley Dee Abarca


Photographing for over twenty years, photographer Robert Whitehead has mastered the extraordinary ability to create remarkable images that captivate all viewers alike. His photographs are stunning, yet sincere and dynamic. His portfolio ranges from beautifully shot portrait and wedding photography to striking naval and sports imagery. With each of his images, Robert invites the viewer into the lives of his subjects, provoking an emotional response and leaving the viewer wanting to know what comes next.

Robert has always had a deep passion for photography stemming from adolescents. After graduating from high school, he attended photography courses in college. However, he quickly realized that his passion was not in the fine art aspects of photography that he was being taught, but the in commercial. Robert knew he wanted a career that would provide him with monetary success, yet still allowed him to follow his passion in photography. However, he did not want his passion to be governed by money, as he puts in, “Follow passion and money will come, but don’t let money drive you.” With the desire to embark on a career in commercial photography, Robert become a photographer for the Navy and Air Force Reserves. With eighteen years experience operating combat cameras, he has been able to travel the world and capture moments otherwise unseen by the general audience.

After two decades, one might wonder how he keeps motivated to continue working in such a sought-after field. Robert’s advice, “Do something different everyday.” This simple, yet key, notion is evident in his own work. As a staff photographer for California State University in San Bernardino, as well as for the San Bernardino Sun newspaper, Robert has photographed numerous sports events as well as portraiture. In addition, he works as a freelance wedding and event photographer. Robert’s versatility as a photographer has given him a diverse body of work. Yet, no matter the subject, he photographs it with sincerity and respect. He honors his subjects by capturing a moment in their lives that may have otherwise been forgotten. Moments of angst, sorrow and excitement, all of which can been seen his spectacular collection of sports photography. Whether it is the joyous screams of the Laker’s cheerleaders during a game or the determination of a man canoeing in harsh water, the viewer can feel as though he or she is there in the action, cheering and struggling along with them. Robert manages to captivate and pull audiences into the image, allowing them to connect with the subject. As with his portraiture, they are elegantly shot, yet genuine to the subject. They show his careful attention to light and compassion–which Robert states are the two most important things in making a good photograph; however, these aspects do not overshadow the subject of the images.

No matter the subject, Robert manages to put his subject’s story ahead of his own. His photographic creativity compliments the photograph. It presents itself as a whisper within the image; a whisper that is clearly noticeable, but not overwhelming. Whether he is photographing a a famous musician, a college basketball game or naval air crafts, Robert produces sensational images that speak volumes no matter the audience.

Robert Whitehead continues to photograph for CSUSB and the Sun newspaper. He has received awards for his work from the National Press Photographers Association, Associated Press, and the Military Photographer Association. His work can be viewed on his website:

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