all photos by Sarah Dominick

“Anthony Lepore at M+B” by Sarah Dominick

Nature has always been a popular theme for people to photograph. It is available at any time, and is fascinating to the eye. However, to make a photograph of a landscape, it freezes that moment in time, and anything else being experienced is lost for the viewer. Anthony Lepore has a different take on making landscape photographs. He photographs those that have already been pictured. For example, in his photograph “Forest Light”, it seems as though he has taken a picture of a forest. When studying the photograph longer, you can see that it is in fact wallpaper of a forest and we see the wall switches and fire alarm. Lepore stands in areas where a viewer would normally stand, and takes photographs.

Lepore’s vision for these landscape photographs is unique and exciting. After visiting his show “New Wilderness,” at M+B in Hollywood, I have a different understanding of how we as viewers see nature and landscapes. We immediately understand that photography is a thinly disguised replica of reality. The gallery that the photographs were shown in was small and hidden behind another small building. I enjoyed looking at Lepore’s photographs. I think it would be interesting to see these photographs at a larger scale, so that when we are viewing these landscapes they can seem even more majestic and powerful, as if we were seeing them in real life- or a very good simulation of real life. His photographs comment on representation, verisimilitude and appropriation- in this case, the appropriation of images appropriated from nature.

Overall, Anthony Lepore did a great job capturing landscapes that have already been captured, and creates an illusionary effect in his photographs for his “New Wilderness.” I would love to go to other shows of his in the future and see what other creative photographs he comes up with next.

Sarah Dominick

all photos by Sarah Dominick
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