I:Empire Exhibition at SPACE Gallery, Pomona, CA

SPACE Gallery, Pomona, CA, "I:Empire" exhibition opening, Sat, Aug 9, 2014
SPACE Gallery, Pomona, CA, “I:Empire” exhibition opening, Sat, Aug 9, 2014

“I: Empire” group exhibition opening reception at SPACE Gallery, Pomona, California, organized by Edward Lance Montgomery. Thanks to gallery owner Christina Franco Long for mounting the show. Here’s the exhibition wall statement:

The Inland Empire (IE) is as unique as it is inspirational, and it has been inspirational for a long time. There are many names that have grown out of or been influenced in some way by this expansive area east of metro LA. Names like Wyatt and Virgil Earp, Barry Bonds, Rage Against the Machine, McDonald’s, Lyndon B. Johnson, Dusty Baker, Frank Zappa, Blink-182, Reggie Miller, Al Capone, Taco Bell, Ken Griffey Jr, Matthew Modine, Garrett Wang, and Mark McGwire to name a few. All touched in in no small way by their experience in the IE. The area is challenging in many ways but motivating as well. The artist is this show have been challenged and motivated in their work also. They have attended college, worked, or lived in the IE. Many have done all of the above. They all have drawn inspiration form the IE.

This presentation is about that inspiration and its various interpretations by these visual artists. They tell their stories primarily through their cameras. Stories that have been influenced by this environment we call the IE, the Inland Empire. I: Empire is a look at IE inspired art with a goal being that all viewers, IE inhabitants or not, will be able to take away an understanding, no matter how large or small, of what it is to be motivated by an area as stirring as its climate is challenging.

Edward Lance Montgomery