Carlos A. Garcia- Portfolio and Apology

Carlos A. Garcia is acutely attuned to light, space and form, making photographs that are carefully composed, edited and printed, so it is particularly galling that we (Thomas McGovern, Editor in Chief and Theodore DeHart, Design Director) mislabeled his excellent images in Dotphotozine issue #5. There are few sins quite as grave to us photographers as a botched credit, so we humbly apologize to Mr. Garcia, and take this opportunity to present seven of his recent photographs.

The triangular beams of light in his images compliment the hard-edged structure. Deep foregrounds and precise framing of concrete and metal create a foreboding space, both minimal and clinical, devoid of humanity, cold and maybe even hostile. Mr. Garcia composes these formal patterns like a sculptor chipping stone, and yet he allows a glimpse of nature from those wispy clouds, playfully floating in a tranquil sky.

All images are copyright Carlos A. Garcia