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Visions of Slumber: Natalie Franco


All images copyright Natalie Franco
Baptism 52,  copyright Natalie Franco


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There is a unique opportunity that arises between sleeping and waking to grasp onto the flashing scenes of dream moments. Most of us ignore that opportunity and continue on into our hectic day ahead. Los Angeles based artist Natalie Franco takes full advantage of her dream moments and skillfully portrays them in stunning photographs. She describes the dream state as “A plane beyond a region creating a simulation of rooms and behind each door, there is a narrative ready for us with a specific role.” Franco’s series The Waking Dream displays her mastery of “visualizing the idea based on the dream”, navigating the rooms, opening the doors, and therefore creating that narrative.  Franco fuses the details of her dreams with natural lighting and brilliant imagery to gift the viewer with savory slices of her slumbering visions.

The Observer, 2013
The Observer, 2013 c. Natalie Franco

In addition to a concern with the relative reality of the dream world, Franco uses her lens to reveal her intuitive responses to today’s issues of tolerance, acceptance and a sense of belonging, or in dealing with the transient experiences of daily life. She has participated in exhibitions and juried competitions that center on these human issues, such as the sixth annual Out There sponsored by the City of West Hollywood Arts Grant Program and the Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission, and Place/Non-Place: Locality in the Digital World, sponsored by the Venice Arts Gallery. Franco has an obvious thirst to search the globe and understand other cultures evidenced in her most current project, The Edge of Arabia. Franco recently received an award from the Sharjah Art Foundation for these glimpses into the present day United Arab Emirates.

The Red Nightmare, 2013
The Red Nightmare, 2013 c.Natalie Franco

Franco sees the adversities of life as inevitable. When asked to share advice on the pursuit of photography, she stated “You have to ask yourself the right questions and visualize the choice with you in it. If you are content with that vision, then you made the right choice.” Natalie Franco has a magical sense of visualization and a remarkable ability to bring this to the public in photography.

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The Arrival, 2013
The Arrival, 2013 c. Natalie Franco



If he's in there, I will kick him, 2013
If he’s in there, I will kick him, 2013 c. Natalie Franco



Hormone Distruptor, 2013
Hormone Distruptor, 2013 c. Natalie Franco


Self Portrait, 2013
Self Portrait, 2013 c. Natalie Franco